Glamour Athletics
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Fundraiser Info
Please click on the below documents to get further information on each fundraising opportunity. 
Competitions and Importaint Dates
16: ½ Chorography money due from parents
21: Stunt Camp
22: Stunt Camp with Low Ropes Course 
25: 10:00am Trinity Comp Girls Tumble 
30: Money due for warm up clothes (All teams except Prodigy)

3: Last ½ of money due for Chorography camp
    First day of fall classes
4: 6:45pm National Night Out Comp Teams Tumble 
21: Dance Chorography camp begins
      5-6:30PM Moxie
      7:30-9:30pm Allure
22: Dance Chorography camp-Make sure to pack a lunch/dinner!!
      8am-2pm Moxie
      3pm-9:30pm Allure
23: Dance Chorography camp
      8am-2pm Moxie
      3pm-9:30pm Allure
28: Cheer Chorography Camp
      5-6:30pm Avalon
      7:30-9:30pm Shimmer
29: Cheer Chorography Camp-Make sure to pack lunch/dinner!!
      8am-2pm Avalon
      3pm-9:30pm Shimmer
30: Cheer Chorography Camp-Make sure to pack lunch/dinner!!
      8am-2pm Avalon
      3pm-9:30pm Shimmer

1: Money due for Cheer and Dance uniforms in full 
10: Money due for USASF Fees

10: Tentative John Blue  
11: Tentative John Blue  
19: Money due for Maiden Comp (Tiny team will attend)

2: Money due for Raleigh Cheersport Comp
11: Tentative extra practice
14: COMPETE at Maiden NC
16: Money due for Raleigh Cheer Ltd Comp
21: COMPETE at Raleigh Cheersport 
23: Money due Myrtle Beach CANAM 
30: Money due for Daytona Beach Nationals

5: COMPETE at Raleigh Cheer Ltd
14: Money due for Spirit of Hope in Charlotte 

16: COMPETE Spirit of Hope- Charlotte
17: COMPETE Spirit of Hope- Charlotte
25: Money due for Sweetheart Classic-Chapel Hill (TINY TEAM WILL ATTEND
30: Back up comp in Raleigh
31: Back up comp in Raleigh

13: Compete Sweetheart Classic- Chapel Hill Tiny Team Will ATTEND

19: COMPETE Myrtle Beach CANAM 
20:  COMPETE Myrtle Beach CANAM 

16: COMPETE Daytona Beach Nationals 
17: COMPETE Daytona Beach Nationals 
29: SUMMIT in Tampa FL
30: SUMMIT in Tampa FL

1: SUMMIT in Tampa FL
TBA: Recital